My Why

I wanted to answer the question of why I created this blog more fully. Here is a quick quote from my first blog post:

Why? Because I wanted to hear more about other people’s journeys who have done what I am about to do, but there aren’t a ton online. So I’m creating a resource for those who may be thinking about also taking this route towards starting a career as a software developer. I want to create a record of my journey. Along the way, I will learn a bit about myself, and hopefully, anyone who reads will have a chance to learn a bit about me too. My story includes years of college, but at this point, no graduation. And as someone who is lucky enough to have parents who are willing to support me (financially and otherwise) to pursue my passion, I want to show others what this journey looks like, from college drop out to software developer.

To understand how I ended up here, you first need to understand where I’ve been. After high school, I took a short bit of time off to work full-time. I grew up in the days of Myspace when decorating your page with HTML was cool. And I definitely loved to do so. So now that I am out of high school, I decided web design would be a fun major, so off I went to an expensive, for-profit college that I later left for two reasons. One was that they treated some of the students very poorly, and the other was that I found I was much more interested in the coding and programming side of the field rather than the design itself.

Next, I moved to a community college to work on my general education as I decided on the perfect major for me. Fast forward past a short stint at a Bible college (which is a whole other story), and I find myself at San Francisco State University in the Computer Science program. Now, throughout the years I’ve taught myself little by little how to code small things, so having transferred into the program, I knew a bit already. Unfortunately, SFSU did not like that my transferred CS classes were taught in C++ rather than Java, so they forced me to retake some of the classes which was incredibly frustrating.

The past year has been a rough one for me, all while attending SFSU. My family moved to Oregon, I was in a car crash, and I have been dealing with bouts of depression. But luckily, I have a very supportive family, girlfriend, and group of friends. But that leaves the story right where I am in the present.

I’m tired of school, but I love learning. I don’t like the environment that universities are teaching computer science in or the way they present a lot of the material. So that’s why I’ve decided to attend a part-time online coding boot camp. My goal is to be working a full-time position in software development by August 2018. So this blog will allow those of you who are interested in my story to follow along. Whether you just love me (hi mom!), are interested in programming, or are thinking about dropping out of college to pursue a software development job, please join me.

My plan is to post short insights that I get as I self-teach myself and move on with the boot camp. I’ll be posting about my struggles and hardships, and also about my projects. I’m sure I’ll likely do a lot of tutorials and reviews of studying materials and such. Beyond that, I’ll be posting little tidbits about all facets of life pertaining to the modern software developer.

For now, I am using a mixture of Team Treehouse and Udemy courses to prepare myself to begin the boot camp in late July or early August. I am currently learning the MEAN stack.

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