Software Development Track—New Start

Today I started my Software Development Track. The first week’s goals consist of mostly material that I have covered on my own time so this will be an easy week. Because I have covered some of the material I am planning on also getting ahead on some of the upcoming material.

I have used Team Treehouse, Codecademy, and some Udemy courses on my own to learn to code. But, the program I am in uses Code School. Having fully completed the first HTML/CSS course (Front-end Foundations) I’d like to say a word or two about Code School.

From the material I have covered so far, I am very happy with Code School. Code School’s courses work similarly to Team Treehouse’s but with fewer multiple choice quizzes (which I never felt were very helpful anyways). Although, for those learning on their own I think that a combination of a few various resources is going to be the most comprehensive way to learn how to code.

If I were to start over today, I would use Team Treehouse and Code School for my building my coding foundation. From there I would fill in the gaps with Udemy courses that target more specifically what I want to learn. The reason I suggest to use both Team Treehouse and Code School is because they both explain in depth different things. Where one may not explain why you might want to code something in a particular way, the other might give you those reasons. Having both resources has given me an opportunity to learn to the material once and then fill in the gaps again after with the other. Both teach the same material, but the overlap is incredibly helpful.

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