The Five W’s


Who am I? A brief summary

Wow, that’s a loaded question. Way to help kickstart this whole quarter-life crisis, geez. Anyways, I’m a 25-year-old bay area native currently living in Daly City and happily supported by my loving parents (they really deserve that shoutout).


What is this blog?

This blog is mostly to document my journey to become a (potentially full stack?) web developer. But “living full stack” means Imay also be writing about anything relevant to my life. Strap in,  with my track record we could be heading anywhere.


Just here?

For the most part, this blog will be where all the content is. Soon I’ll have a MailChimp list set up for those of you interested in joining an email list for updates.


So one post every quarter and call it some hard work?

No, no, I won’t be only posting four times a year and patting myself on the back. I’ll aim for at least eight posts and we can go ahead and call that shooting high. No, but really, I would rather pace myself and dedicate myself to an attainable goal. Saying that I will be aiming for one post per week. That’s fifty-two posts in a year!


The final piece to this puzzle.

Why? Because I wanted to hear more about other people’s journeys who have done what I am about to do, but there aren’t a ton online. So I’m creating a resource for those who may be thinking about also taking this route towards starting a career as a software developer. I want to create a record of my journey. Along the way, I will learn a bit about myself, and hopefully, anyone who reads will have a chance to learn a bit about me too. My story includes years of college, but at this point, no graduation. And as someone who is lucky enough to have parents who are willing to support me (financially and otherwise) to pursue my passion, I want to show others what this journey looks like, from college drop out to software developer.