Software Development Bootcamp Goals

In less than a week I will be starting my online software development boot camp, and I am nothing short of ecstatic. I am excited to learn about the tools of the industry, and I can’t wait to make use of them in my own designs.

Ultimately, I believe I want to get a job in the San Francisco bay area. But who knows if that will change. A software development job itself is the goal, at least for now. Once I secure a job I’d like to pay off some debt and save up some money to pursue some of my own entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m always thinking of new ideas, games, businesses that I want to explore. So maybe somewhere down the line once I’ve built up enough passive income to move somewhere a little slower paced, I will. That’s my dream, to build up passive income and my own brand/businesses so that I can ‘work’ doing what I love most, thinking, creating, and playing.

This boot camp will be laying down the foundation of my ‘formal’ software development training. In a year I will have the skills to enter the workforce as a honest and true developer. I honestly cannot wait to develop the skills to create all of the ideas I have in my head. Pen and paper only help so much, but I want to be able to code and program the games, apps, and business that I think about day in and day out. Words can barely describe what these tools mean to me.